Intensive EMDR & Brainspotting Psychotherapy

Intensive psychotherapy is a short-term dynamic psychotherapy that gives clients faster results, and full resolution for sudden or persistent issues in a short period of time. Intensive psychotherapy is a revolutionary, researched approach that provides rapid symptom reduction, relieves suffering and a thorough understanding of oneself.

A Brainspotting/EMDR Intensive is a brain-body based approach to psychotherapy treatment. Sessions are offered in 3, 4, and 6 hours sessions. To experience results from the initial presenting concerns, an expectation of scheduling 3 sessions (not including the Intake & assessment session)

Because intensive sessions are concentrated, they allow you to access more personal material, which can increase processing and integration permitting healing much faster than in traditional weekly therapy. Intensives are not appropriate for everyone, so a 30-minute virtual consultations is done to assess clients’ readiness for intensive work.

Intensives can be scheduled for enhancements of creativity, performance, and overall well-being as well as crisis and traumatic experiences. Intensive psychotherapy is also offered to current clients for additional support or when life becomes hectic or when sudden issues arise.

Intensives hours of therapy range between 10 – 30 hours.  While it may vary per individual, one should expect to schedule at least 3 Intensive sessions support current studies showing that results typically are noticeable with 10-30 hours of  traditional therapy.  

Intensive sessions are schedule for consecutive days or alternate week for 2 weeks. A client may be able to arrange to attend the recommended hours over a period of 2 to 4 weeks based on life circumstances. My current capacity to conduct intensive sessions is limited to 1 month per month.

How do I benefit from Intensive sessions?

Early responses to crisis result in healthier resolve. Over the duration, intensives are cost effective compared to long-term therapy. With resolution, you can get back to living life.

How do I schedule a consultation?

1. Complete the consultation form —- click this link.

2. I will be in contact with you to schedule your consultation

How much does Intensive Psychotherapy cost?

On average, intensive sessions booked for 10-18 hours range between $1,250- $2,000 USD (regionally price.

*Assessment and Preparation 1.5 hours $220.00

3 hour Intensive $400.00

4 hour Intensive $600.00

6 hour Intensive $800.00

To reserve time for your Intensive sessions, a 50% deposit is required to confirm your all schedule Intensive therapy sessions, with the remaining 50% of the total of sessions due on the first day of the Intensive.

Rescheduling Cancellation Policy for Intensives

If you need to reschedule, please do so at least 48 hours before the scheduled time. Your deposit or payment will not be affected by rescheduling. Please be advised that if you reschedule, you may not be able to secure your desired times.

If you decide to cancel your intensive session entirely, any deposits paid will be refunded less a $300 scheduling fee.